Student Achievement Policy

This is the current Student Achievement Policy for St Patrick's Waimate. Updated : 2012

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At St. Patrick’s School, Waimate we value inclusive learning based on Catholic values, for the spiritual, cultural, physical and academic development of the whole child.


St. Patrick’s School provides a comprehensive programme that ensures that all students have access to high quality teaching and learning.

In order for this to happen at St. Patrick’s School, we will provide:

·      Success for all:

All year 0 to 8 students will be given opportunities to gain the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values identified in the New Zealand Curriculum


·      A Safe Learning Environment:

St. Patrick’s School works actively to provide a safe physical and emotional environment for all students.


·      An emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy:

St. Patrick’s School places a priority on improving student achievement in literacy and numeracy, especially in years 1 to 4. Special emphasis is placed on students whose further education or training may be at risk through under achievement in literacy and/or numeracy.


·      Meaningful Use of Student Achievement Information:

St. Patrick’s School gathers assessment evidence to evaluate the progress and achievement of there students and to implement future teaching and learning priorities.


·      Improved outcomes for Maori:

St. Patrick’s School works with our Maori community to plan and set targets that achieve better outcomes for Maori students.


·      Career Guidance:

St. Patrick’s School provides career guidance in Year 7 and 8.


·      Regular Reporting:

St. Patrick’s School reports to students and their parents on the achievement of individual students and to the school’s community on the achievement of students as a whole. St. Patrick’s School also reports on the progress of groups identified in the national education priorities.

An Education Outside the classroom Programme:

St Patrick’s School students will have opportunities to learn outside the classroom in appropriate settings and locations. Risk Management Assessment documents will be drawn up and approved by the Principal before all EOTC trips.


·      A Special Needs Programme:

The needs of all St Patrick’s School students are monitored to ensure that they are receiving an education that takes into consideration their level of ability and that progress is made. This will include ORRS funded students, special needs students and gifted and talented students.


·      Ongoing Review:

St Patrick’s School maintains an on-going programme of self-review in relation to procedures, programmes and planning for curriculum and student achievement.

Through regular reporting at Board of Trustee level, the Board of Trustees will be assured that the curriculum at St. Patrick’s School has the infrastructure to allow for successful delivery and student achievement.

Policy review date:  25 August 2010


Next review date :   2012


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The following procedures have all been developed to support this policy and to enable staff to deliver the strategic aims of the charter. They can also be downloaded in pdf format by clicking on the icon beside each listing;


Curriculum Action Plan 

Curriculum Delivery Statements 

Curriculum Review and Reporting 

Gifted and Talented Students


Managing Dyslexia

Managing Special Education

Planning and Assessment

Achievement of Maori

Reporting to Parents