Below is the term calendar of events. Some events details may change due to factors like the weather, so always check with the school if you are in doubt.

If you wish to add the calendar to your own google calendar then click on the  plus Google Calendar  button at the buttom right hand corner of the calendar and then follow the on screen instructions.

Key School Events for Term Four are as follows

Week 1      Tuesday January 29 start day. 

Week 2      Swimming starts and goes to the end of Week 4

Week 3      Swimming in the afternoons, Ash Wednesday and Harold on Wed, School service Thursday, Jump Jam starting for                    fitness. Parish Meeting Tuesday 6pm.  BOT Finance Meeting Wednesday 6pm.

Week 4      Dead Horse playarea opening.  Fun for those wanting to build trees and work with others.  Native tree                                        development.  Launch of our new excellence spelling programme that caters for all needs

Week 5      Sunday Mass, March Hare, Launch of our new excellent mathematics computer programme catering for individual                    needs.  BOT meeting