The Board of Trustees 2016

The Board of Trustees of St Patrick's School take a proactive approach to governance and providing the required resources to enable the school to function. The Board regularly consults with the school and parish communities and is actively and positively involved in the development of our Catholic Special Character.

The Board of Trustees has a number of policies and procedures which can be accessed at

Search for St Patrick's, Waimate.  This site is open and free for all parents and the school community to access.  The username is: st-pats and the password is: patrick


Chairperson: Kristine McLachlan

Parent Representatives (Elected): Simon Charles, Daniel Miller, Gareth Oudemans, Jo Shea 

Proprietor's Representatives: Father Brian Fennessy, Kristine McLachlan, Susan Foley, Pat Lyall

Staff Representative: Kellie Waller

Principal: Neil Curtis

Board Secretary: Sharon Stace